Nursing, in my eyes, is not a job but an ever-present passion and commitment to forever change lives in

an undeniably positive way. This, however, hasn't always been my philosophy but was

indeed the exact opposite: an imperious lie; traumatic circumstances convinced my ruthlessly

wounded soul that the Medical Field was against me, encompassing a life of torture. A seven hour

spinal fusion stole the one identity I'd so selfishly retained from within the grips of my hands --

sports -- and replaced it with unaltered desolation. Turning to Anorexia to numb the abysmal

wounds of my shattered heart, death came close enough to touch countless times as I am claimed to

be a medical miracle through the eyes of humanity; experts expected me to die at any moment since

my very existence defied the essence of nature. Through the beauty of pain, an unquenchable

passion has been discovered, leaving me determined to enlighten beauty in the lives of the hopeless

and to put a smile on the faces of the dying. Nursing is the act of caring, encompassing the flawless

aspects of love and possessing the capacity to change the world. 

My very own biography can be located in the book The Beauty of Pain: There is Beauty in Everything, You Just Have to See It soon to be published. 


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